Carrera Cup Fast Facts: Round 6, Sandown

Sandown will host the 306th, 307th and 308th race in Porsche Carrera Cup Australia history and the 104th round in series history.


This is the 10th time Sandown has hosted a round of PCCA. It was part of the calendar for the first six years of the category’s history in this country (2003-2008) before a gap of six years until the next visit in 2014. The category has been competing there ever since.


The round will also feature the first of three Endurance Cup races for the PCCA with a longer Race 3 on Sunday at Sandown over 25 laps. It will be the longest PCCA race held at Sandown and the second longest single driver race in PCCA history (77.5-kilometres). The longest was 89.4-kilometres held on the Gold Coast in 2004 won by Alex Davison.


The Endurance Cup will be determined by the points scored in the longer, endurance race at each of the next three rounds at Sandown, Bathurst and the Gold Coast. The points from these three races will be tallied up to determine a Professional Endurance Cup champion and a TAG Heuer Carrera Challenge Endurance Cup champion.


Alex Davison will make his 50th Porsche Carrera Cup Australia round start at Sandown, becoming just the fourth driver after Marc Cini, Craig Baird and Rodney Jane to reach this milestone. He’s won 16 of his 49 rounds (32.7%), had pole for 15 of them (30.6%), finished on the podium in 35 of them (71.4%) and won 45 of his 141 races (31.9%).

Stephen and Brenton Grove will create PCCA history at Sandown, becoming the first father and son to race against one another in the all-Porsche series. Father and son Indiran and Duvashen Padayachee shared a car together in the Pro-Am round at Phillip Island in 2015 but this is the first time in PCCA history a father and son combination will compete against one another in a round.


Brenton Grove, John Morriss and Jordan Love all make their PCCA debuts at Sandown. They become the 195th, 196th and 197th drivers to compete in the series since it kicked off back in 2003.


Only one driver – Nick Foster – has managed to clean sweep all three races in a PCCA round at Sandown. Jim Richards (2003) and Michael Patrizi (2014) each won two races in a round with no third race officially declared given one race on each of those weekends was declared a ‘no race’.

Four different drivers – Andre Heimgartner, Cameron McConville, David Wall (co-driven by Shane Smollen at Phillip Island) and Jaxon Evans – have won the first five rounds of the 2017 championship.


Wall is the only repeat winner so far this season. Four different drivers – Heimgartner, Nick McBride, Stephen Grove and Wall – have taken the first five pole positions of the 2017 championship. Wall is the only multiple Professional Class pole winner so far this year.


The closest PCCA race winning margin at Sandown is 0.1694s – Nick Foster beat home Matt Campbell by this slender margin in Race 3 in 2015. The biggest winning margin is 4.9185s set in Race 2 in 2003 when Jim Richards led home Kevin Bell.


The closest PCCA pole-winning margin at Sandown is 0.0207s – David Reynolds beat Alex Davison to pole in 2006 by this margin. The biggest PCCA pole-winning margin at Sandown is 0.6468s Matt Campbell over Nick McBride last year.



Race Lap Record: Michael Patrizi, 1m10.5295s, 2014

Qual Lap Record: Matt Campbell, 1m09.6782s, 2016



2003 Jim Richards

2004 Jim Richards

2005 Jim Richards

2006 David Reynolds

2007 Alex Davison

2008 Craig Baird

2014 Michael Patrizi

2015 Nick Foster

2016 Alex Davison

3 – Jim Richards

2 – Alex Davison

1 – David Reynolds, Craig Baird, Michael Patrizi, Nick Foster


2003 Peter Fitzgerald, Jim Richards, Jim Richards

2004 Jim Richards, No Race, Jim Richards

2005 Jim Richards, Fabian Coulthard, Jim Richards

2006 Alex Davison, Craig Baird, David Reynolds

2007 Alex Davison, Alex Davison, Craig Baird

2008 Craig Baird, Craig Baird, David Wall

2014 Michael Patrizi, No Race, Michael Patrizi

2015 Nick Foster, Nick Foster, Nick Foster

2016 Matt Campbell, Matt Campbell, Alex Davison

6 – Jim Richards

4 – Craig Baird, Alex Davison

3 – Nick Foster

2 – Michael Patrizi, Matt Campbell

1 – Peter Fitzgerald, Fabian Coulthard, David Reynolds, David Wall

Note: Race 2 in 2004 was red-flagged before enough distance was covered for points to be awarded.

Therefore it has been declared a ‘no race’ in PCCA record books. Race 2 in 2014 was red-flagged after a Safety Car period due to a multi-car accident. The race was not restarted and therefore was also declared a ‘no race’.



2003 Jim Richards 1m14.2031s

2004 Fabian Coulthard 1m13.0387s

2005 Jim Richards 1m13.3503s

2006 David Reynolds 1m12.1631s

2007 David Reynolds 1m11.8984s

2008 Craig Baird 1m11.9524s

2014 Warren Luff 1m09.9816s

2015 Matt Campbell 1m09.6854s

2016 Matt Campbell 1m09.6782s

2 – Jim Richards, David Reynolds, Matt Campbell

1 – Fabian Coulthard, Craig Baird, Warren Luff



2003 Jim Richards, Jonathon Webb, Peter Fitzgerald

2004 Jim Richards, Alex Davison, Jonathon Webb

2005 Jim Richards, Cameron McLean, Fabian Coulthard

2006 David Reynolds, Craig Baird, Alex Davison

2007 Alex Davison, David Reynolds, Craig Baird

2008 Craig Baird, David Wall, Bryce Washington

2014 Michael Patrizi, Shae Davies, Craig Baird

2015 Nick Foster, Matt Campbell, Richard Muscat

2016 Alex Davison, Nick McBride, Steve Richards

4 – Craig Baird, Alex Davison

3 – Jim Richards

2 – Jonathon Webb, David Reynolds

1 – Peter Fitzgerald, Cameron McLean, Fabian Coulthard, David Wall, Bryce Washington, Michael Patrizi, Shae Davies, Nick Foster, Matt Campbell, Richard Muscat, Nick McBride, Steve Richards



2004 David Thexton

2005 Dean Grant

2006 Rodney Jane

2007 James Koundouris

2008 James Koundouris

2014 Stephen Grove

2015 Tony Bates

2016 James Bergmuller

2 – James Koundouris

1 – David Thexton, Dean Grant, Rodney Jane, Stephen Grove, Tony Bates, James Bergmuller



2004 Peter Hill

2005 Dean Grant

2006 Rodney Jane

2007 Rodney Jane

2008 James Koundouris

2014 Tony Bates

2015 Tony Bates

2016 Tony Bates

3 – Tony Bates

2 – Rodney Jane

1 – Peter Hill, Dean Grant, James Koundouris



2004 Peter Hill, No Race, David Thexton

2005 Tony Quinn, Dean Grant, Dean Grant

2006 Rodney Jane, Rodney Jane, Rodney Jane

2007 Rodney Forbes, Rodney Forbes, James Koundouris

2008 James Koundouris, Peter Hill, James Koundouris

2014 Tony Bates, No Race, Stephen Grove

2015 Tony Bates, Tony Bates, Tony Bates

2016 Tony Bates, Tony Bates, James Bergmuller

6 – Tony Bates

3 – Rodney Jane, James Koundouris

2 – Dean Grant, Rodney Forbes, Peter Hill

1 – David Thexton, Tony Quinn, Stephen Grove, James Bergmuller

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